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Top 10 most popular places


Lviv is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the central part of which is a part of the heritage of UNESCO. In Lviv are about 55% of architectural monuments of Ukraine. Lviv recognized cultural capital of Ukraine, where in a year conducted more than 100 festivals. Here you always find something to your taste. We offer you a list of places that you must visit in Lviv.

Lviv Opera House

Lviv Opera House, which is located on the main boulevard of beauty and is compared with the Paris and Vienna theaters. This architectural jewel of the Lviv, built in neo-Renaissance style in 1901.

Market Square

Market Square is the only place that fully conveys the mood of the city and which remains the center of political, commercial, public and cultural life of Lviv of more than 500 years. The area is surrounded by more than 50 architectural monuments XVI-XX centuries. It is here, breaking the 350 wooden steps of the City Council, you get incredible impressions of viewing .

3. Cemeteries


One of the oldest in Ukraine, an area of 42 hectares. The first mention of burial was in the 13th century and now the cemetery is over 3,000 unique tombstones and monuments. Recently introduced at the cemetery nightly excursions.

Greek-Catholic Cathedral of Saint George

Architectural ensemble of XVIII century , which includes the cathedral, the bell tower, and the Metropolitan Chamber of building. The church interior is impressive richness and diversity of iconography. 

5. Latin Cathedral

Latin Cathedral

The majestic monument XIV-XVIII centuries, which harmoniously combines the architectural features of past eras: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Cathedral was the main building of the medieval city. In the Latin Cathedral can be visited the Latin's rite of liturgy.

6. Boim Chapel

Boim Chapel

Famous monument of the late Renaissance, which is unique not only in Ukrainian but also in European architecture.

7. Italian courtyard

Italian courtyard

The wonderful monument of Renaissance architecture, which is considered one of the finest and most romantic of Lviv. Italian (Venetian) courtyard remarkably similar to the typical courtyards of Rome and Florence.

Dominican Cathedral

The majestic architectural monument of the late Baroque with the original sculptural decoration. Here you can see alabaster tombstone of ancient church, which has disappeared 260 years ago.

9. Armenian Cathedral

Armenian Cathedral

A unique monument of Eastern culture in Europe 14-15 century. This is the perfect combination of architecture Armenian sanctuary, the Romanesque-Gothic style in Western Europe and the traditional Ukrainian Galician architecture. June 25, 2001 here praying Pope John Paul II.

10. Park High Castle

Park High Castle

Park High Castle in Lviv - old shady park on the hill towering over the city with the ruins of an ancient castle.There is also a viewing platform where the viewing of landscapes is breathtaking.

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