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The site was created to help finding the interesting places in our wonderful city.In our site you will find lots of interesting information about Lviv, about festivals and events that happen in it.
"Where you can relax and take a rest?" or "Where can you spend your evening?"
We can answer these and many other questions .Welcome to our city. We hope that you will spend the best days in your's life here !

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About Cash and Banks

The national currency is hryvnia (UAH). Hryvnia is nominations are 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500. 1 hryvnia consist of 100 cents. Coins are in denominations of 5, 10, 25, 50 cents and 1 hryvnia coin. With exchange there will not be any problems. Banks operate from 9.00 am. to 17:30 h. In some banks you may be asked to present a passport or other document proving identity.

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Free Wi-Fi zones

If you can not start a day without news from the Internet in Lviv there are many places where you can read the latest information with a cup of aromatic coffee. Since the conditions of access Internet (WiFi) is different in each of dining we recommend to specify the details with administration.

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Stryiskyi Park

In the early twentieth century Stryiskyi Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Half a century ago the Stryiskyi Park was with sand dunes and steep ravines. The park was founded in 1879 in place of former Stryisky cemetery.

Stryiskyi Park Lviv Ukraine - Стрийський парк Львів

1894 in Stryiskyi Park was opened. ... Read more »

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Svirzhsky castle

Svirzhsky castle, built in XVI - middle of the XVII century at village Svirzh on the hill above the river and lake. The Svirzhsky castle is pleases the eye and captures its own beauty.

Svirzhsky castle in Lviv Ukraine - Свіржський замок Львів

He belonged to the families Svirzhsky and Tsetneriv. Near the castle is the church of Renaissance (1541). ... Read more »

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Pharmacy Museum in Lviv

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle", is the oldest pharmacy in Lviv and has more than two and a half centuries. This is unique working pharmacy museum in Ukraine and Europe . Here, near the pharmacy, there is a unique museum complex, which demonstrating rare artifacts collected by scientists, pharmacists and collectors.

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle" - Аптека-музей у Львові

Pharmacy Museum in Lviv was founded in 1735 by master Natorp who was a military pharmacist. The main activities of ... Read more »

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Restaurant Veronica

Lviv Restaurant Veronica - is a restaurant with its superb European and national food. For several years to them come a lot of respectable and wealthy citizens and visitors, because their cakes are the best , and their cuisine are the most tasty .

Restaurant Veronica Lviv - Ресторан Вероніка Львів

"Puhlenke" restaurant menu includes vegetarian dishes, Breakfasts , Fish dishes, meat dishes, desserts .... ... Read more »

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The Park of Ivan Franko

Three mighty giant oaks - perhaps they are the oldest trees in our city. Their age - more than three centuries. And they grow in the park named Ivan Franko.

Ivan Franko Park Lviv Ukrain - Парк імені Івана Франка Львів

Four hundred years ago this place was a big field, but later the land passed into private hands. At the end of XVI century, a rich citizen John Scholz-Volfovich laid park here. To do this he laid out 1600 gold coins from his purse. Later he issued marriage his daughter with Antonio Massari, Ambassador of Republic of Venice in Lviv, and park passed to his son in law. Massari in turn rebuild the park in Italian style.

Ivan Franko Park Lviv Ukrain - Парк імені Івана Франка Львів

Over time, this park and neighboring lands became the property of Jesuits. ... Read more »

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The Olesky (Olesko) Castle in Lviv

The oldest surviving castle in Lviv regionThe Olesky Castle (The Olesko Castle). This old castle is located on the hill in the southeastern part of Buzhskoy lowlands. Time of its foundation is considered XIII century.

 Olesky Castle lviv Ukraine - Олеський замок Україна Львів

 In 1366 the city passed into the possession of Alexander Koriatovicha. ... Read more »

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Museum of Ivan Franko

Literary-Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko in Lviv, where Franco lived from 1902 till 1915, was founded October 10, 1940. In addition to domestic equipment ( Franko's cabinet  and personal belongings) in Lviv Museum store almost all the first editions of works, magazine archive Franko and reviews of his writings, archival documents, photographs, manuscripts, materials relating to his literary and scientific, political and social activities , jubilee celebrations and funerals. There are about 4,000 exhibits.

Literary-Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko in Lviv - Львівський літературно-меморіальний музей Івана Франка у Львові

  He is a writer in his own house on the street. ... Read more »

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Latin Cathedral

In every medieval town always were a town hall and cathedral . The Latin Cathedral , which was the spiritual center of the city began to build in XIV century. The first foundation stone was laid in 1360. The project had two towers, one was rising above the cathedral, the second was completed only to the level of the roof. Still, Latin Cathedral was the heart of Lviv. It kept military trophies, he was the pride of every citizen.

Latin Cathedral Lviv - Латинський катедральний собор у Львові

At the beginning of the XVI century ... Read more »

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