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Park High Castle


Park High Castle in Lviv - old shady park on the hill towering over the city with the ruins of an ancient castle. There is also a viewing platform where the viewing of landscapes is breathtaking.

Park Hight Castle Lviv - Парк Високий Замок Львів

The highest mountain of the Lviv was artificially filled up at the end of XIX century in honor of the anniversary of the Union of Lublin. Thus Lviv received incomparable with other European cities observation deck, views from which can not leave indifferent any who dared to climb there.

Park Hight Castle Lviv - Парк Високий Замок Львів

At the foot of the High castle there is a stone lion, which once stood near Town Hall over four hundred years. Nearby - a fragment of the castle wall. 

Park Hight Castle Lviv - Парк Високий Замок Львів

On the lower terrace of Park High Castle there is majestic alley of chestnuts and memorial stone placed in honor of the victory of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski over the Turkish army in 1675 at Lesynytskyh fields that are visible from this place.

Park Hight Castle Lviv - Парк Високий Замок Львів

At the end of Avenue of Chestnuts there is small houses of Gardener, and around it grows many exotic plants. To decorate the park here in the middle of the XIX century, established an artificial cave with the inscription "August 15, 1841," the entrance to which is guarded by two stone lions XVII century from the old  Town Hall. They hold shields with coats of arms of patrician families of Lviv . One day this cave was named as "Cave of suicide".

Park Hight Castle Lviv - Парк Високий Замок Львів

The Park High Castle is unique because it is located on a high wooded hill in the heart of the Lviv. If you want to get in coolness and comfort of everlasting trees where nothing recalls the futility of urban life you can almost go there from bustling streets of center of the Lviv and spend on it is only 10-15 minutes.

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