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The Opera House


Telling you, in my articles, about the Lviv, I couldn't to not tell you about one of the greatest buildings in our city - about the Lviv Opera House.

The Lviv Opera House was opened for viewers October 4, 1900 This evening at the theater was showing the premiere - lyrical-dramatic opera "Yanek" Mr. Zhelenskoho - about the life of Carpathian. The major part was singing Ukrainian tenor Alexander Mishuga.

With the accession of the Western Ukraine to the USSR renamed Big City Theater in Lviv State Opera and Ballet Theater subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Theater, lavishly decorated with both outside and inside, is the concentration of the achievements of sculpture and painting of the late XIX century Galicia. His art showed sculptors Viytovych P., A. Popel, E. Pech, T. Baronch, artists T. Popiel, M. Harasymowycz, T. Rybkovskyy, Z. Rozwadowski, S. Yasenskyy etс.

Go to the theater and fall in love twelve paintings in the lobby canopy. On top through a glass ceiling shed a soft light: daytime - from the sun, at night - from the moon and stars. So, in the lobby is never complete darkness, which is very important from the practical side.

Hall has the form of lyre and can accommodate a thousand people. His execution was carried out by 10 artists. Here we see an ancient emblem of the city, the song "genius and an angel". Attention is drawn to bubble on the ceiling, which consists of 10 sectors with images of Graces, Music, Dance, Criticism, Drama, Inspiration, Bacchanalia, Innocence, Illusion, Truth. In the heart of the glittering ceiling fixture, made the project Z. Gorgolevsky.

Theatre enchants us with its appearance and repertoire, which, incidentally, is very rich! So if you came to our city, you must visit the Lviv Opera House.

Contact Information

 Address:  Lviv, Freedom Avenue, 28
  To buy tickets:  +38 (032) 235-65-86
                           +38 (032) 260-13-60

Web site:

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