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St. George's Cathedral


St. George's Cathedral  is a baroque cathedral with elements of rococo located in Lviv. It was builded between 1744-1760. The cathedral served as the mother church of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church during 19th and 20th centuries.

The design of church was developed by Bernard Meretin and Johann Georg Pinsel. In the church attic stands the statue of St. George the Dragon-slayer.

Two stony sculptures of St. Leo, the Pope and St. Athanasius stand over the church portal and : "warning with their stern look about their readiness to fight against anyone not showing enough venerability".


The Icon of the Virgin Mary (17th century) is the most precious relic of St. George's Cathedral. Bishop Joseph Shumlianskui brought it to Lviv in 1674.

Contact information

Address: 5 St. George Square

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