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Market Square


Market Square - the central area in Lviv , a characteristic phenomenon of the medieval architecture of Central European cities.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

Lviv Market Square emerged as a center of Polish-German medieval city after the conquest of the city by the Polish King Casimir the Great, which was the center of Old Market Square. From the corners of Market Square 8 streets away (by modern names - 7 streets and a square): Ruthenian, Serbian, Galician, Cathedral Square, Krakow, Shoe, Printing, Stavropigiyska. Fires, time, and builders in many ways changed its original form.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

Over mixing the entire center city worked, many different nationalities living in Lviv: Italians, Germans, Ruthenians, Poles, Armenians and Jews.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

The area size of 142 to 129 m with 44 houses and town hall in the center. From the original Gothic building that existed before the fire in 1527, preserved wall fragments and parts of the basement.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

The buildings were built for members of the nobility and rich merchants, since land in the city center was extremely expensive. Numbering houses in the Middle Ages did not exist, the houses had their own names: "Under the Lion," "When deer", "Lukasiewicz stone."

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

At Market Square is City Hall, where she worked and is working City Council, and previously sat and City Court. This international meeting place, came Peter I, a lot of Polish, Swedish kings.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

In 1793 the Market was built four fountains that stand here today. For two of them used the old wells. Each fountain "received" eight-sided bowl, crowned with a statue of the character of Greek mythology: Amphitrite, Diana, Neptune and Adonis. Fountains survived Dr.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

The area attractions include a:

- Lviv Town Hall;

- Museum of History ("Black stone");

- Palace Kornyakta with "Italian Courtyard" and "Royal Room";

- Palace Lubomirski;

- Bandinelli Palace;

- Kamyanytsa Scholz-Volfovychiv;

- Passage Andreolli.

Market Square Lviv - Площа Ринок Львів

35 apartment house
36 Residential building
37 Residential building
38 Residential building
39 Residential building

40 Residential building
41 Residential building
42 Residential building
43 Residential building
44 Residential building
45 Residential building
46 'Adonis' Fountain
47 'Amphitrite' Fountain
48 'Diana' Fountain
49 'Neptune' Fountain

1 A Town Hall
2 Bandinelli stone. Istrychnyy Museum
3 residential bunykok
4 Black stone. Historical Museum
5 residential building
6 Kornyakta palace. Historical Museum
7 apartment building
8 residential building
9 Dwelling House
10 Lubomirski palace. Museum of Ethnography
11 Residential building
12 dwelling houses
13 Residential building
14 Mascarivska stone
15 Residential building
16 Meshkovskoho stone
17 Residential building
18 Residential building 
19 Residential building
20 apartment buildings 
21 Residential building 
22 Residential building
23 Residential building 
24 Residential building. Historical Museum
25 Residential building
26 Residential building
27 Residential building 
28 houses 
29 Residential building
30 Residential building
31 Residential building
32 Mall

33 Residential building

34 Residential building

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