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Latin Cathedral


In every medieval town always were a town hall and cathedral . The Latin Cathedral , which was the spiritual center of the city began to build in XIV century. The first foundation stone was laid in 1360. The project had two towers, one was rising above the cathedral, the second was completed only to the level of the roof. Still, Latin Cathedral was the heart of Lviv. It kept military trophies, he was the pride of every citizen.

Latin Cathedral Lviv - Латинський катедральний собор у Львові

At the beginning of the XVI century, a terrible fire destroyed the city almost completely. Residents were going to build a new Lviv elsewhere, but cathedral suffered greatly. It fell down and broke down the bell. The townspeople stayed here to restored the city and the cathedral. The Latin Cathedral was built in Renaissance style. Although it is difficult to say how the Cathedral looked at first.

Latin Cathedral Lviv - Латинський катедральний собор у Львові

In the XVIII century.
The Latin Cathedral was demanded a thorough repair. In the process of restoring the entire interior was replaced by the fashionable baroque style. On the ceilings were preserved monumental paintings of artist M. Stroyinskoho. In the church were preserved epitaph made in different eras. In 1772 residents, in protest, sealed entrances to the church.

Latin Cathedral Lviv - Латинський катедральний собор у Львові

Here, the Polish king John Casimir presented his fate and destiny of the country into the hands of Mary, when he was went to war with the Swedes.

Latin Cathedral Lviv - Латинський катедральний собор у Львові

And now Latin Cathedral shines gold, impressive stained glass windows and a variety of styles, captivating hearing of organ music ... Go to the Latin Cathedral, feel its greatness.

Contact information:

Address: square. Cathedral, 1

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