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Christmas Fair


In the period from December 10(2011) to January 15(2012) in Lviv will work Christmas Fair. Traditionally for our city, fair will located on Liberty Avenue and Market Square.

The Fair will rejoice our residents and guests of fun activities through the winter holidays Lviv. Everyone can find interesting things  for themselves. 

And there you will find:

- Christmas gifts
- Linen clothing
- Souvenirs from a glass
- Pottery
- Embroidery
- Scythian ethnic jewelry
- Wooden toys and knitted

The Fair also will offer:

- Honey  of the best apiaries Ukraine
- Donuts
- Pancakes
- Fried sausage
- Mulled wine
- Gingerbread
- Sweet treats
- Italian biscuits
- Different varieties of tea

Holiday Fair Christmas program:

12.10.2011 18:00 Inauguration

11/12/2011 18:00 Evening of Irish Music

18/12/2011 16:00 Nicholas goes to us
  (workshop on making puppets; Holiday program for children)

25/12/2011 18.00 Celebrate Christmas in Europe
(Speeches ethnic groups)

02/01/2012 16:00 New Year
(production of coral tissue and nuts; Modeling clay jewelry and small sculpture sculpture; Concert program)

06/01/2011 15:00 Christmas star

01/08/2012 13:00 Workshop on making stained glass jewelry

                 19.00 Statement of Lviv musicians with a cheerful lot of carols

01/14/2012 15:00 Workshop on Manufacturing of jewelry in the technique of hot partition frequent enamel


So we will be glad if you come to Lviv Christmas Fair 2012!

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