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Palace Kornyakta


Palace Kornyakta (Market Square, 6) - an extremely valuable Renaissance monument in 1580, from Lviv Palace of the richest in the history of merchant Constantine Kornyakta.

Italian Palace Kornyka

Thanks Kornyakta we now enjoy beautiful architectural monuments of the Renaissance city. This stone house built for him in the former two Italian architect Peter Barbon.
Palace Konyakta view outside

In the middle of XVII century palace Kornyakta family moved to the Polish king Jan III Sobieski and since then started to be called Royal stone house. 1908 bought the building the city, and almost a hundred years here working Lviv Historical Museum.

Palace Kornyakta view inside

The building remained after adjustment Renaissance Gothic hall - the only monument of Ukrainian secular Gothic XV century, it also has antique shop.
Extremely Kornyakta attraction of the palace is an Italian court, remarkably similar to the typical courtyards Florence and Rome. Here, among this European beauty, can not remain indifferent. In the yard in warmer months, a cafe, there traditional concerts, festivals of classical and jazz music, unique acoustics also creates a lasting impression.

In the courtyard you can see pranher - pillory, near which in the Middle Ages served punishment of criminals. Constantine Kornyakt, being already a Polish nobleman, still could not leave his favorite cause - Trade General view of the facade. Above the entrance of his house hung a branch of spruce - a sign that the wine is chopped.

In the spacious cellar Stone yanytsi kept wine that served up the lift. Hall osvitlyuvavsya oil lamps, so there still remained stuffed in the ceiling ring on which they hung. What is interesting, but allowed only to citizens of the city tavern with thick wallets.
But now all visitors can visit the old wine cellar in the basement, where hovering atmosphere of past ages.

Contact information

Address: Market Square, 6

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