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Festival of Chocolate


Chocolate Day invites all lovers and fans of sweets to plunge into the world of harmony and eating chocolate art.

Every year in the territory, where there is Chocolate Day, held a variety of attractions that will interest anyone who loves chocolate, chocolate artists, producers of chocolate and chocolate masters who want to share their art with gourmet.

During four days of holidays you see, get, take part, create for yourself:

- Fair - presentation of the best chocolate products chocolate industry representatives

- Presentation of the best pastry Lviv and all Ukraine handmade products with unique recipes

- Workshops Professional chocolate master V. Shtefano (Ukraine, Uzhgorod), E. Lebedeva (Russia, Moscow), A. Kolyesova (Ukraine, Kyiv), cooking workshops for children from leading renowned culinary show Dasha Malakhov (Children's culinary school "Kartata Potata", Ukraine, Kyiv), cooking master classes from M. Kicheyevoyi (Confectionery "Nalf-a-teaspoon", Moscow, Russia)

- Chocolate art workshop creating 30 unique sculptures from blocks of chocolate, chocolate city "Lions of chocolate"

- Chocofashion - a chocolate dresses with Ukrainian designers Lviv Fashion Week;

- Creating a giant pyramid with chocolate (height - 5 m)  Ukrainian chocolate  master Valentyn Shtefano;

- Presentation of an exclusive collection of famous designer clothes Ukraine - Oksana Karavanska;

- Children chocolate country for the youngest fans of real chocolate;

- And Championship amateur confectioners' I am the soul - Chocolate! ";

Chocolate miracles that occur within the V Holidays chocolate make the heart beat more often and smile - give warmth to others. And all these things to make life more enjoyable and more filled with true delight.

Sweetest moments of joy true love, friendly company, family comfort will be felt in the luxury chocolate paradise. Where hot chocolate to eat with a spoon, which create a chocolate sculpture masterpieces, from which you can not take their eyes where the artists painted portraits of white and dark chocolate ...

All of this is the amazing anniversary V Chocolate. We invite you to the city!

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