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Restaurant "Panorama"


Want to see the center of the city at a glance? Restaurant "Panorama" that hotel "Opera" invites visitors to enjoy unsurpassed views of the city, settled comfortably on the terrace or in the hall.

Restaurant Panorama - Ресторан Панорама

The refined atmosphere of the restaurant "Panorama", a classic interior and live music, skilled and professional waiters, the menu for real gourmets of delicious and original dishes and great looks of the windows will make your stay here unforgettable!

Restaurant Panorama - Ресторан Панорама

This is a very beautiful restaurant and I want show it beauty so take a look on these photos.

Restaurant Panorama - Ресторан Панорама

Restaurant Panorama - Ресторан Панорама

Contact information

Address: Lviv, Freedom Avenue, 45
Phone: +38 (032) 225-90-09
              +38 (050) 315-12-34

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