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Restaurant "Europe"


One of the central streets of ancient Lviv invite you to visit a very cozy and elegant restaurant "Europe". Classic and stylish interior with exclusive traditional restaurants in Europe. You will see here a real friendly atmosphere, try gourmet cuisine, and enjoy incredible desserts.

Restaurany Europe - Ресторан Європа

An ideal place business lunch at a reasonable price, banquets, parties, business meetings, friends, foreign, corporate events, pleasant weekend, romantic dates, family, social life, happy idling, tourists dining at a reasonable price.

Restaurant Europe - Ресторант Європа

Here you can see Catering, Vegetarian dishes, dessert menu, breakfasts, wine, beer, cigar menu.

Contact information

Address: 14 Shevchenka ave.
Phone: (032) 261-19-71
Work time 09.00 - 23.00

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