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Restaurant "Atmosphere"


Near the heart of the ancient city of Lviv is the restaurant of European cuisine creative "Atmosphere." Cultural, historical and business centers are interwoven in this institution. Here reign different views, different ideas, but a common atmosphere.

Restaurant "Atmosphere" Lviv - Ресторан Атмосфера Львів

 Four different facilities: restaurant , VIP, cocktail and hookah, can give you comfort and good mood.

Restaurant "Atmosphere" Lviv - Ресторан Атмосфера Львів

The modern interior combined with real 15th century defensive walls create a special atmosphere of lightness and sensuality. You can ensure that every guest will feel at ease and comfortable in every corner of our institution.

Restaurant "Atmosphere" Lviv - Ресторан Атмосфера Львів

The restaurant "atmosphere" in Lviv - a place where you not only can enjoy European dishes and try a variety of cocktails that will make for you, but also organize their own party, presentation, business meeting or even photo exhibit.

Restaurant "Atmosphere" Lviv - Ресторан Атмосфера Львів

 Halls, which are equipped with WiFi, ventilation and air conditioning, large screen and projector will conduct seminars, conferences, corporate and children's parties, concerts.

You can delicious lunch or dinner, friendly staff offer you a taste Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Mediterranean and Ukrainian cuisine.

Contact information:

Address: 18 Brativ Rohatynciv str.
Phone: (032) 235-88-99
Work time: Mon-Thu: 12.00 - 24.00

               Fri-Sun: 12.00 - 03.00

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