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Museum of History ("Black stone")


Lviv Historical Museum, one of the oldest in Ukraine is an outstanding treasure of historical and cultural monuments of national and global importance.

Museum of History Inside

Over 110 years of its existence the museum collection formed a stock that is over 330 thousand monuments. General Fund is divided into separate storage groups: numismatics, orders, medals, cloth, metal, leather, horn, sculpture, wood, archive, sfrahistyka, awards, archeology, Kievan Rus, photo negatives, photographs, glass, porcelain, clay, rare books, books, manuscripts, posters, graphics, pictures, coupons, paintings, clocks, furniture, wood art, musical instruments, weapons, philately, plastics, honorary citizens, monuments liberation. The greatest quantity is the numismatic collection - approx. 74,000 units. Coll.

Museum of History Lviv Outside

At a special account are items containing precious metals and stones. Among them - orders and medals, coins, watches, items of weapons, items of decorative art.

The exposition of Lviv Meseum of History

Rare collection of historical city is silver symbolic keys of the XVIII century, The ceremonial sword of Lviv court XVI century, Kativski swords, heraldic seal of the city council, city guard, weapons, decorative emblems city XVII - XVIII century, Monuments of Lviv departments: printing, banners, crafts and more.

Lviv Museum of History

Lviv Historical Museum - is not only the monuments of antiquity, this is the very atmosphere of the past, which kept the museum building - the pearl of Renaissance architecture of Lviv. A unique, only in Eastern Europe, is Kornyakta stone patio. Italian court, as it is called Lvov, surrounded on the perimeter open arcades, loggias on all three floors. Museum parties, literary and artistic events or just rest for a cup of coffee in the comfortable outdoor patio leave pleasant memories for a long time.

Lviv Museum of History view inside building

Every year the museum visit approx 400 thousand people - Lviv residents and visitors who are acquainted with its permanent exhibits and variable exhibitions, participate in various cultural events held that occur in the museum.

Contact information

Phone: 272-06-71 
Address: Market Square, 4
Time: 10:00-17:30, Wednesday - closed

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