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Pharmacy Museum in Lviv


Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle", is the oldest pharmacy in Lviv and has more than two and a half centuries. This is unique working pharmacy museum in Ukraine and Europe . Here, near the pharmacy, there is a unique museum complex, which demonstrating rare artifacts collected by scientists, pharmacists and collectors.

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle" - Аптека-музей у Львові

Pharmacy Museum in Lviv was founded in 1735 by master Natorp who was a military pharmacist. The main activities of the pharmacy was - dispensing of medication. Because the pharmaceutical industry was not exist in that time. Extracts, tinctures, elixirs, ointments and medicinal wines, including the famous "Iron Wine" had prepared in this pharmacy for their needs .

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle" - Аптека-музей у Львові

You can feel the charm of the ancient city here. Here also are: high oak cabinets, decorated with artistic carvings, vessels of porcelain, earthenware, different colors glass, interesting scales in the form of the founder of medicine Aesculapius and his daughter Hiheyi. You also can look for a prototype of the modern photocopier - typewriter late nineteenth century for printing labels.

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle" - Аптека-музей у Львові

When you leaving pharmacy museum, you may want to buy iron wine as a souvenir . Take him through a tube to improve appetite and increase hemoglobin levels.

Lviv Pharmacy Museum "Under the Black Eagle" - Аптека-музей у Львові

Contact information

Tel: 032-2720041
Address: st.Drykarska , 2
Hours: 10:00 - 17:00

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