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Lviv Town Hall


Modern building of the City Council built in the style of Viennese classicism in the middle of the nineteenth century. Overcome the 350 wooden steps, all three rate (47 euro cents) from Town Hall tower observation deck can see the beauty of the ancient city.

This town hall - the fourth in the history of the city. The first two fires destroyed, the third Renaissance was built in 1619.   Actually, this historic town hall was the messenger of fate. In a severe storm July 9, 1672 weathervane in the form of a lion jumped from the tower and fell snout to the East. 

Actually this year, the city has undergone a Turkish siege. The second time weathervane disrupted in 1704, just before the capture of the city army of Swedish King Charles XII. And fatal to the very hall began in 1826. It was at that moment, when at the Town Hall Commission was a respected record of reliability of the building, city hall collapsed, burying them under eight Lviv residents.

Laying a new town hall was held a year later, it celebrated in 1835. Construction cost a huge sum at that time - half a million crowns. The new hall has 9 halls and 156 rooms. Here, in addition to the magistrate, placed a school savings bank, city archives and other institutions. The tower rose to a height of nearly 65 meters and it set the clock, made in the workshop of the Vienna Polytechnic.

However the fate of the new town hall was not too smoothly: during the revolution of 1848 due artillery fire lit up the tower and dome collapsed inward. The building was restored in 1851 in fact just as we see it today: the completion of City Hall, instead of dome, made a gear like the towers of the early Middle Ages. The new clock, made in 1852 on the Vienna factory Shtil, flawlessly serving Lviv has for half a century, sounding its bells are an integral part of the aura of the city. If you will go to City Hall observation deck just in time when the clock strike the bell and put forth a wish, it will come true.

1883 Town Hall telephone connected with fire brigade and other agencies of the city. In the city hall sitting magistrate, and after the Lviv authorities in 1870, lived here the president of the city. November 1st, 1919 at Tower Hall first fastened a Ukrainian national blue and yellow flag, and on April 3, 1990 National flag of Ukraine always fly in the sky of the city. Today, as in ancient times, at the Town Hall is located in Lviv City Council, but it will not prevent tourists to walk the corridors of City Hall and get to its highest point.

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