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At the end of a dark entrances to the Market Square lies this original and popular taverns.

To get there, you must pass an interesting procedure of "face-control":

- Glory to Ukraine
- Heroes of Glory
- Are  between  you  the Russians?
- No

 Then the waiter pours you 50 grams of vodka.

The interior of the famous secret places like the real upivsku hiding places: two rooms with creative interior. Walls, tables, ceiling supports - everything from rough wooden logs. Under the tent ceiling - great photographs that depict the life of soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the forest. On the walls - kerosene lamps, copies upivskyh and German leaflets and posters.

Dishes specific - tin. Toilet - with an iron bowl and washbasin. Reserve a table here with the help of German grenades ... that says "We welcome guests."

Menu in "Kruyivka" printed on "antique" paper. Alcohol also appears to have been soldiers for the UPA is not a problem - in "Kruyivka" submit vodka from honey "Honey foyyer". As well as all the standard set of vodka. There's bitters, vermouth, brandy, etc.

Loyalty in "Kruyivka" give a personal name key that can open the doors at any time. With the keys here form a system of loyalty to the client.

In "Kruyivka" pub atmosphere - people come here by companies at even begin to sing the chorus.

Contact information

Phone: 032-2546119
Address: Market Square, 14
Work time 00:00-24:00

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