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Powder Tower


Powder Tower 1554-1556 years (st.Pidvalna 4) - the only one preserved to this day a monument of fortification construction in Lviv.

Powder Tower - Порохова вежа

Lion guarding the entrance to the tower. With dozens of powerful Lviv defensive towers and gates to the present time only one survived - Powder Tower.

Enter Powder Tower - Вхід у Порохову Вежу

Its built with stones of the old town's arsenal. It was the most powerful tower, because on this side of the walls of the city appeared frequently invaders from the East. The tower stands on ground defensive shafts remaining from ancient times, a hundred years ago they built a park, called the Governor's ramparts, close fit for the residence of the Austrian governor of Galicia.

Powder Tower - Порохова Вежа

Powder Tower serves not only to defend the city. Lviv was the trade center, where everything was subject to obtaining benefit from trade. Therefore, in the short time of peace without the threat of enemy tower used as a store of grain.

Powder Tower - Порохова вежа

From the late 50s of last century placed in the tower building architect. It is often held cultural and artistic events. Although the tower from the outside looks pretty volume, but the space inside is quite small, because the thickness of the walls is almost three meters. Entrance to the tower guarded by two lions in white marble of the XIX century, among which seven thousand lions in Lviv celebrating the most artistic value.

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Address:  st.Pidvalna 4

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