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Free Wi-Fi zones


If you can not start a day without news from the Internet in Lviv there are many places where you can read the latest information with a cup of aromatic coffee. Since the conditions of access Internet (WiFi) is different in each of dining we recommend to specify the details with administration.

Whiskey Bar "4 Friends"
Address:. Dudayev, 2
Restaurant "Atmosfera"
Address: Brativ Rohatyntsiv, 18
Cafe "Dziga"
Address:. Armenia, 35
Irish Pub "Dublin"
Address: Kryva lime, 5
Cafe "Gloria Jeans"
Address: Shevchenko avenue, 1
Museum Tavern "Kerosene lamp"
Address:. Armenia, 20

Cafe "I like"
Address:. Staroevreyska, 4
Literary cafe "Cabinet"
Address:. V.Vynnychenko, 20
Restaurant "Centaur"
Address: Pl. Market, 34
Address: Pl. Market, 14
Festival-restaurant "Left Bank"
Address: Lviv Opera (entrance on the right)
"World Chocolate Workshop"
Address:. Serbian, 3

Cafe 'Map'
Address:. Galician, 5
Cafe "Masoch"
Address:. Serbian, 7
Restaurant "Masons"
Address: Pl. Market, 14 (2nd floor)
Tavern "Under the Golden Rose"
Address:. N, 6
Restaurant-pub "Prague"
Address:. Ak. Hnatiuk, 8
"Vienna coffee house"
Address: Liberty Avenue, 12
Cafe "old walls"
Address:. Serbian, 5

In addition Wi-Fi Internet access is available in the downtown on:

Market Square;
Mickiewicz Square;
Danilo Galizkiy Square;
Square in front of Opera and Ballet Theater;
Liberty Avenue.

Among the available networks, select the hotspot, hotspot1, hotspot2 - Internet free for 15 minutes.
Access speed ranges - top speed 512 kbit / s for downloads and 128 kbit / s per shipment.

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